Service Position Descriptions


District 14 District Chair (DCMC)

As District Chair, my service position is to help facilitate the business of District 14.  I try to help coordinate the contributions of time and money and experience by our members to help the sick and suffering alcoholics in and out of the halls of AA.  Also, I try to connect the knowledge and experience of those in service at Maine Area 28 to our district committee, GSRs, and groups.

District 14 District Secretary

The District Secretary is the recorder of our district committee meetings and puts together the minutes of each monthly meeting for distribution to district committee members.  In the minutes, I incorporate the various GSR, District Committee Member, and Standing Committee Chair reports as given at the monthly meeting.  As secretary, I maintain a record of the accepted minutes and also schedule the meeting room for the coming year.

District 14 DCM (District Committee Member)

DCM's typically serve as a link between the Groups and GSR's (General Service Representative) to the District, Maine Area Committee, and the Maine Area Delegate to the General Service Conference (GSC). I regularly attend Maine Area Committee Meetings (MACM's) as well as the Spring and Fall Assemblies, carrying the "Group's Conscience" as a voting member. Part of a DCM's service is to maintain and update Group information to the General Service Office (GSO) for use in AA Directories. Currently, I also assist Jan as an alternate in her absence.

Cooperation with Professional Community

The Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC) provides information about A.A. to members of the community whose profession may bring them in regular contact with anyone who may suffer from the disease of alcoholism. There are a great many misconceptions about A.A. in the professional community. Many have not had the opportunity to find out how the A.A. program works nor have they heard of our traditions. The message we carry is simply an extension of 12th step work, carry the A.A. message to the alcoholic who still suffers, by informing the professionals who come in contact with them what A.A. is, what A.A. does and what A.A. does not do.

District 14 Treatment Chairperson

My position in district and AA is to help coordinate and assist in new and ongoing AA groups in various facilities. I assist when needed at the Maine General Hospital Detox/Psychiatric ward meetings on Tuesday and Saturday nights at seven . I also assist and support the probation meetings on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, at the Waterville probation department. Furthermore, I assist in arraigning speakers for Seton hospital AA speaker commitment on Fridays at noon. Recently we have also helped assist with the AA meeting at the Waterville homeless shelter.

District 14 District Treasurer

The District Treasurer service position is to maintain accurate records of district expenditures and the contributions made to the district by our groups.  The district finances are reported to the district committee and are reconciled against the bank statement of our district account.  As treasurer, I am also responsible for collecting the mail from our district P.O. Box and paying the rent for our district committee meeting place.  In this position, I try to help the district committee make informed decisions regarding budget and prudent reserves.

District Archivist

The role of the District Archivist is basically threefold: 1) to collect, compile, & organize information about the present and past Groups in District 14 to be able to create their past origins & histories & present statuses; 2) to seek out & interview “long-timer” AA members about who & how they were before they discovered AA, how they came into the program, & how their life has changed through sobriety; & 3) to collect individual Group & District files & other information and organize & store them safely.

Bridging The Gap

The “Bridging The Gap” coordinator is responsible for fostering connections between people getting out of jails or institutions into their respective communities. If a person is getting out of the Somerset County Jail and going to another area then that name goes to the state-wide “Bridging The Gap” coordinator.

For any of us that have been in a jail or institution or in some cases both, it is important to let those who are that AA stands ready to be available to them and wants to help them succeed and find a helpful AA community to start a new chapter in their recovery.

Meeting List Committee

The Meeting list Committee keeps our district meeting list current and evolving to inform people where and when and what type of meetings are in our district. The district meeting list is a tool to help newcomers find more meetings to find more ways to get the program….

Web Manager

The web-manager is responsible for creating and maintaining the district website. Due to almost infinite possibilities in web creation the web-manager has the opportunity to use creative skills as well as organizational skills to help the district communicate news as well as keep the district meeting list up-to-date. The position is ideal for someone with web skills and a desire to keep people informed.